On graduating from the Royal College of Art, in 2013, Joseph says:

"Studying at the Royal College of Art requires the perseverance and mentality one would need to negotiate their way up the M42 on a bicycle. It’s a journey that never quite feels stable, where you are constantly aware of the how chaotic the road you share is. There are moments you doubt your instincts, and so you waver out of your lane, although these ultimately complement times when you feel a surge of such confidence that you push forward closer to your destination. You make regular stops at service stations (the college Bar) to keep your fuel up, and learn to smile your way through every flat tyre – let’s blame the road itself, you think, rather than the quality of the vehicle we steer.

At the point of reaching your exit off of the motorway, you think back over the two years and query whether it would be better described as a jaunt or as an expedition. But, when unable to answer such a question, you give up wondering and simply pedal on, ignoring the tooting horns that chorus around you.”

Joseph Pielichaty is a freelance graphic designer and an advocate of drawing. His website is currently in development. For all graphic design enquiries visit Studio Buoy. A website of his drawings is in the process of being built. He blogs at Paper Storage.